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Gołdap is the only spa in the Warmia and Mazury region.Thanks to the unique climatic advantages, purest air in Poland and peat resources, Gołdap is an ideal place for health resort visitors and tourists who appreciate health and relaxation. The city has recently been using another local medicinal raw material – mineral waters and curative waters. Welcome to the Mineral and Curative Water Pump Room and to the Mazurian Brine Graduation Plants in Gołdap, the only such facilities in the north – eastern Poland. Gołdap recommended for health!

Gołdap is diverse and attractive regardless of the season. Apart from its spa qualities, we have perfect conditions for recreation and sport. In winter, we invite you to use the ski lifts and the funicular-chair lift in Piękna Góra, the only one in this part of Poland. Gołdap is also famous for its well-prepared trails for cross country skiing.

Welcome to the tourist trails. The Gołdap region is a place where one can experience unforgettable moments, communing with wildlife, experiencing history, meeting extraordinary people.

Gołdap and its surroundings will greet you by picturesque landscapes, unusual structures, as well as local cuisine delicacies. Gołdap, in line with the slogan, the Land of Adventure Hunters, is a perfect place for active tourism and for those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of civilization.

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The property is located in the spa park of the Gołdap climate and mud spa, at the Spa Promenade and the resort area’s main attractions i.e. the mineral water pump room and graduation towers that are [...]
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