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Masurian brine graduation towers

The fourth in Poland brine graduation towers with a length of 220 and a height of 8 m. The brine, supplied to graduation towers, extracted from a depth of 646.0 m, running down blackthorn twigs, produce, under the influence of sun and wind, a microclimate around the graduation towers with a high content of iodine, bromine, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, and fluorine. The aerosol, produced there, has specific health values – its particles penetrate into the body through the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, and through the skin. At the brine graduation towers a person treats mainly the upper respiratory tract, sinuses, emphysema, hypertension, allergies, psychosomatic disorder, depression, stress, exhaustion of the body. Inhalations used in the prevention in healthy people cause an increase in resistance by the bactericidal effect.

Pump-room of mineral and curative waters

We encourage you to use curative and mineral water.

Curative water..

0.6% chloride–sodium, fluoride. Water is drawn from the lower Jurassic of the depth of 646.0 m by a borehole Goldap Zdrój 1. The sum of the major minerals dissolved: 5970,97 mg/dm3. Water has a certificate confirming its medicinal properties and suitability for mineral water spa treatment, issued pursuant to the requirements contained in the applicable regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Mineral water.

1226.45 mg / dm3 of dissolved minerals, with a significant amount of sodium and chloride and fluorides. Water is drawn from the upper Cretaceous from the depth of 426.0 m by a borehole Gołdap Zdrój 2.

We encourage you to use the year-round mini graduation towers and salt cave

Salt Cave - its main purpose is to recreate, in artificial conditions, the seaside microclimate or the microclimate that is present in natural salt caves.
Inhalation in the salt cave supports the treatment of:
- the inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, sinuses, lungs and bronchus
- dermatological diseases (dermatitis, psoriasis)
- hypothyroidism
- diseases of the circulatory system
- states of post-infarction, blood pressure compensation
- gastrointestinal disorders
- obesity
- it reduces snoring and improves sleep

Pricelist of the pump room serving mineral and curative waters


Type of service Price
A cup of mineral or curative water 1,5 PLN
Pijałka [curative water cup] with curative or mineral water (a ceramic cup with a logo of Gołdap) 15 PLN
One-hour stay in the mini brine graduation towers 5 PLN
Session in a salt cave (45 minutes) 10 PLN
Block tickets for mini graduation tower (10 entries) 40 PLN
Salt Cave entrance ticket (10 entries) 80 PLN
The entrance to the terrace of the graduation towers 3 PLN

Opening hours of the pump room

Pump room is open: : Monday – Friday 12:00 – 20:00; Saturday – Sunday 10:00 – 20:00


Pijalnia Wód Mineralnych i Leczniczych [Pump-room of mineral and curative waters]
Promenada Zdrojowa 20
19-500 Gołdap
phone 887-800-300
Kierownik J. Dzienis- 693-890-406

Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. in Gołdap

ul. Sikorskiego 9A, 19-500 Gołdap
tel. 87 615 49 49
fax 87 615 01 85

The interior of the pump room – visualization of the salt cave

In the Health Resort District, inside the Mineral Water Pump Room, apart form the curative and mineral water intakes, there are mini-graduation towers and a salt cave.

More about the prospects for development in the Health Resort District can be found in the Investment Offer tab Oferta inwestycyjna

Gołdap is a mud-climatic spa

Thanks to the unique climatic advantages, the purest air in Poland and peat resources, Gołdap is a mud-climatic spa. Orthopaedic and traumatic conditions are treated here primarily, as well as lower respiratory tract diseases, women’s disease, and cardiology and neurology diseases.

The Spa of continuous investments

Apart from the pump room and the graduation towers, within the framework of modernization and reconstruction of the spa zone, a new Municipal Beach and the promenade along the shoreline of the Gołdap Lake was built, leading to new therapeutic facilities, the resort area and the sanatorium. Investments also constitute new walking paths, bicycle paths and revitalization of the city centre. The actions resulted in the development of the tourism sector and created new investment areas, not only in the tourism sector. What has changed and what has been created can be seen on the following short film presenting the Gołdap Spa. Its long version with a speaker can be viewed inside the mineral water pump room at Promenada Zdrojowa.

Zdjęcia Dzielnicy Uzdrowiskowej

The pictures also show plots for sale, intended for future service and production activities. More information in the investment tab.

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